Thursday, April 2, 2009

take me home


Given the amount of...... whatchamacall..... Nothingness I've been busy with lately - I should have gotten to this plenty sooner. But I'LL BE DAMNED IF I DON'T DOCUMENT I TELL YOU. DAMNED!!!

So.. A little more than a month after this, I was back in Taipei. What can I say.. I love the place. I would go back there in a heartbeat hello airplane hello taipei no questions asked take me away now.


old street @ danshui
of street snacks and sunshine

lover's bridge @ danshui

Danshui was beautiful.. Even though there was a pretty distinct fishiness about it all. There was something pretty magical in the combination of the breeze, the Taiwanese street snacks and the continious ebb and flow of music from street performers.

By the end of the day we were pooped.. We walked so much around danshui - We trekked around in search of prepaid cellphone sim cards , played twisty machines till we all got different toys, ate like we were preparing for war, and made effective use of the Taiwanese public transportation system. Huzzah EasyCards!

We went back to the hotel and found a supermarket right next door. It should come as a surprise to no one that we promptly snack shopped like it was the end of the world. OH HAPPY DAY.

our loot


ximending/ shilin

sweet-tofu in taipei

clap your hands say yeah

We battled the crazy Feb 14th crowds of ximending.. Yay red bean ice! Yay original aychungs! Yay KFC egg tarts! Nay 30 minute waits for bathrooms! Shilin later at night where there were so many people we could barely move let alone brandish our cameras for selca moments. Thus the lack of photos from that night. Highlight: Scoring the most adorrrrable domo pillow for my car.


dong qu/ taipei101/ wufenpu/ raohe

A long day. A crazy day. A crazy long day.
Suffice it to say that by the end of the night we were all exhausted. Highlights include: The original Din Tai Fung where we spotted Eddie Peng and Shaun Yue; Dong Qu fen yuan which was SO. BLOODY. GOOD; taipei 101; eons and eons at wufenpu (which turned out to still not be enough ._.); raohe night market (our standard fare of stinky tofu, minced pork + rice & an oyster omelette; the discovery of croissants on sticks and the most delish peanut shaving + ice cream popiah; Annnd a movie at Warner Viewshow! "他其實沒那麼喜歡你".... For srs.


dong qu/ ximending


howdy mr. huang xiaogui

hotpot with my girls ♥

the joke is obvious here

ktv at cashbox

Our last full day and we pretty much tried to revisit any place we thought we might have missed out fully exploring.. One thing led to another, one place led to another.... And we were led right to the doorstep of AES - Why hello there ♥. Hotpot and major catchup seshes with my vegasistaz, then more time back at ximending before ending the night with brand spankin new '09-'10 partyworld taipei membership.

All in all I enjoyed myself tremendously. Even with all the unintended dramz that transpired halfway through the trip, it was pretty damn incredible anyways.