Sunday, June 7, 2009


You know that particularly peculiar sensation where your chest tightens, goes completely numb (almost like it has pins and needles), - and before you know it it races rapidly down to the very pit of your stomach, disperses out into your thighs, knees, calves and then makes it's graceful exit by fading away with a tingle at the tip of your toes?

So you try to take a deep breath (or even a shallow one) in a fruitless bid to slow down your quickening (? feels like it at least) pulse but! You inhale to find what feels like a boulder lodged right smack in your windpipe annnnnd the cycle repeats like a bad d-list holiday movie at Christmastime... And it repeats and repeats and re-peats. And all you can do is curl up into an even tighter c-shaped mass of flesh and pajamas, willing it to stop.. Just long enough for you to fall asleep, dangit.

@$&!(@*! #$!>?<@
PMS blows.