Wednesday, July 8, 2009


(I've really been blogging tumblr style haven't I?!)

Okay so 'never been happier' is probably pushing it a tad.

I've been cruising around aimlessly for the past half a year or so and I've alternated between being in a complete state of zen to morphing into a hyperactive job searching fiend (that lasted about 10 seconds i'll be honest) and then of course !!panic omgwhattodowithmylife!! and then falling back into a comfortable routine and finding peace in my nothingness. (i know, so good hor can be so eng)

For some reason right now I've come full circle and back to my place of zen.
I realize how fortunate I am to not have to worry about my livelihood just yet, and that I have a family that nag (like hell) but ultimately respect and are (hopefully) eagerly anticipating my choices for my future.

Crossroads crossroads crossroads.
By now I probably should have long answered the "so what now?" question.. But I just might be more lost than ever and that just might be okay with me right now. Thoughts and ideas swirling around like crazy in my head and I guess even I'm excited to see what my next step will be and where that will lead me. For now.. I am finding an inordinate sense of joy in stuffed elephants (my jeje so QT ♥) and mini domo-kuns and my BFF club and real life (bye bye bbm) flirty winks and x's and o's.