Tuesday, September 8, 2009

instamatic karma

With a desktop background like this.. Work instantly becomes 19830132x more palatable.

So I officially joined the working world 3 weeks ago.. A proud member of the rank and file of Singaporean society. And after day 1 I immediately gained a newfound respect for all the 9-5ers (and in our case 830-6ers) who a) have a social life b) conscientiously do their work c) DO IT WITHOUT STABBING THEMSELVES/ SOMEONE ELSE. It's amazing guys. It's probably obvious to the rest of the world but the pillars of our society are not (only) children they are our white collared workforce (although ironically the ones building the pillars are the blue collared ones.) WOW I have not blogged in a while I do have a lot of accumulated brain gunk to get rid of.

I'm more than thankful for this stint and opportunity, but boy staring at a computer for about + 14 hours in a day is.. Not fun. (What. I need my youtube/ skype fix when I get home you know.)

BLOG MORE, EVMW. if not for anything else, to document your 2009. you have been doing a downright shit job lately. Posts dating up to 3 months ago on your main page? SHAME. ON. YOU.