Monday, October 12, 2009



This Summer, before I fell into the deep waters that is the real world.. I headed down under to vic/wa for 2 weeks of vacay time. Arrived 1am to a rainy Melbourne and we were met by wheis and her adorable ninjamobile. Had yummilicious late night pancakes made by mr. t and received oodles (honestly how old school is the world 'oodles') of love and pouncy excitement from a certain charlie poodle brown.

melbourne day one
gmorning charlie b!

Started the morning with some pizza sandwiches (thanks huis!) and some charlie b sandwiching.. Oh you know what I mean. Had my first experience with the melby tram system and a big ass supre.. What can I say. I love me some (a lot of) supre. Also bought some major overpriced lipstick (HAHHA. I ORIGINALLY SPELT IT AS LIMPSTICK. btw said lipstick turned out to be drying and icky. revlon nude attitude i'm lookin at you. i blame myself for being blinded by youtube) from david jones and then did dinner with wynji at red ant. tenren after in the nippy cold with the melbournians and their pups ♥

with yosh at tenren/ wassup melby tram system/ waking up to charlie b
wheis/ blesfrends/ we heart beanbags
the missing icecream/ after dinner at red ant/ pre-melbourne excitement!

melbourne day two

It took us a while to get our bearings right with brunswick.. But i came away with two brill finds from the thrift store that i wear all the time now (fomal cardigan? huge silk ivory button down? can i get a hell yes?) I did get hit with a massive stomach upset en route and just about keeled over.. but a hot chocolate and some lunch quickly remedied me and the afternoon went on. Dfo + massive meat mania at stalactites for supper.

at brunswick/ tea from san churro/ supper at stalactites
digging into the meat parade/ fisheyefun/ thrift store
hot chocolate at radio/ cold at dfo/ lunch at brunswick

melbourne day three

Eventually got to St Kilda's following huis' advice ("you can get off when you feel that it looks right!!") .. And of course my intuition is you know.. Spot on. So we got off about 5 stops too early annnd took a half hour hike to the main area of St Kilda's.

And when we got there we were like "OHHH!!! HUIS WAS RIGHT! WE *FEEL* IT NOW". lol.

We reached our breaking point with Western Food (we honestly are too Asian for our own good) and some very disappointing dessert topped it all off. By that point we were pining and burning for Asian food - something anything feed us rice please.

And what's for dinner in Melbourne? WELL. UM. CUP NOODLES FROM 7/11 OF COURSE. (I know. To help my craving though I had it in tom yam. YAY ASIAN FLAVORS~*)

Annnd there's a day four but i took like 4 photos that day and they were non too inpsiring. For example.. The Nandos wrapper + us at the tram stop waiting to leave the city. Riveting stuff right? I know. Not photographed, however.. Late night tv marathons incuding documentaries of drug busts and taxidermy. Disturbing. On the upside? Lars and the Real Girl! Yay.

Spent the last day having fish and chips in St Kilda with charlie + yosh + their parents and then max brenner's after for a chocolate fix and an asianpeople fix. Truefax.

More from my time in Perth.. The city I always make fun of but is secretly one that I quite adore. Yes PDB, you were right.