Sunday, November 15, 2009



Adverse as I am to new people, I met some people earlier this year who made it easy - and enjoyable - to spill my lovelifelust stories to them and I was more than happy to listen and bear witness to many a lovelifelust milestone (okay maybe not so much milestones as exciting post-work rendezvouses but i digress) of theirs.

Anyway.. We were out in full force at Villa Bali as Mr AC celebrated bidding goodbye to an island he held near and dear for a year before stepping foot onto another.. More unsavory national servicey island. The little lamb got suitably high on pint after pint of beer of course.. And started plopping himself in the middle of the table in all his glassy eyed, red faced glory.

These people made a life filled with endless 8:30-6's that much more bearable.. Hushed chats and extensive conversations about double entendres and brave gestures.. Easy, comfortable camaraderie that is truly 可遇不可求 and I'm thankful I found people I am very happy to now call my friends. Very happy indeed. So happy I can use this obnoxious smiley with no shame ^_^