Thursday, November 26, 2009


有時候 因為付出 因為認真 因為愛 卻讓自己變得自私

生存在這個似乎私己看得比大局重要的世界裡 不斷提醒自己 知足 真的可以得到快樂

愛著他 即使他不在你身邊 會因為他得到幸福而快樂
愛著朋友 簡短的一句關心就能感受溫暖
愛著家園 隨手的垃圾分類節約能源保護我們的下一代


很多時候退讓會變成一種美德 讓 心 退讓 少一點慾望

知足 讓我的心 踏實存在


I try to say this with no bias.. But bejeebus SO. WELL. WRITTEN.
A perfect reflection.

And it's easier said than done, it's so much easier said than done.

If only we all could live and let live.. And let simple contentment wash over us every once in awhile. By jove I really need to live by this.. Because I know I'm blessed. Very much so but like many others I always harp on the unpleasant things, I always complain about the little issues, and I'm always fixated on the things I don't have rather than give thanks for the things (and people) I do.

So this is me, Universe. Cyber professing in the spirit of Thanksgiving. I'm thankful. I'm so very grateful. For the people, the things, the places, the opportunities that I've been given. For my family, my wonderful friends, PDB, jing ♥, nutella, and the internet. Granted, I'm probably going to start complaining about the frigidity of the a/c in the office in about 10 minutes, whining about the blisters on my foot and the botched pedicure I gave myself.... But nevertheless. CARPE DIEM LOVE LIFE INSERT CLICHE SAYING!!