Thursday, November 5, 2009

night rider

People always give Singapore such flak.

The rigidity, the humidity of our homeland, the heat OH the heat.. But everything I.. Relish. Not necessarily enjoy all the time, but I accept. Most of the time with pleasure.

(Propoganda worked on me for sure. I actually have this post that's been saved in drafts for forever about me+sg but I figured I would wax poetic about this first.)

And there are still times that I'm driving down some expressway or walking down one of our many insanely crowded streets.. And I just think.. It's so nice to be home. Particularly at times like this.. 2:39am on a work night (try to hide your disbelief. I napped.) during monsoon season. Windows wide open and the amazing (to me at least. I know i grossly overuse the word amazing. Other than jing and PDB and G's grace there's not that much that really is amazing. Natch.)... Wait what was I saying again?

Night air.

Seriously the scent of Singapore's night air is about 352 kinds of amazing. Especially in November when the air is so unbelievably cool and all the smells seem intensified. Like all smells, it brings with it a myriad of memories.. Not all specific ones but certain instances.. Mostly memories of going to school and having to be up by 6 and out of the house before the sun was up.. And memories of JC days where it was a different underage party every couple of days (yes. so hardcore) and everyone still dressed up to go out and then stumbled home semi-high on cheap and watered down alcohol in the depths of the night after an extended supper and then the same ol' 'who shares cabs with who!' and 'who am i going to text now!' game afterwards. Holy run-on. On hindsight, such good times. I don't have the vocab prowess to well describe our incredible night air but I just know I lovez itz. Very therapeutic. Head-clearing.

Did I just pen a post about the night air of Singapore?
And abuse the use of parentheses?
Heck yes.