Wednesday, December 30, 2009

MMM #1

So another reason why 2010 will signify change is because I will finally be fulfilling a lifelong dream.........

Of looking like a pighead.

Haha okay so at the grand ol' age of 23, I'm getting me some braces.

So you know the drill. Find an orthodontist, extract some teeth, get some grillz, wait a couple of years and voila! All done hello perfect teeth big smile now.

Well in my case, it'll be a little different.

I'll still have to do all of the above, of course. I'll also fiercely pepper the process with endless whining and complaining because come on now. We all know that's what I do best. But! After a year of said braces........ I'm gonna be doing this.

I know I know. Ortho-WTF surgery?

To cut a long story short, braces correct teeth and orthognathic surgery corrects jaw alignment. If your jaw isn't aligned right, braces alone just isn't going to cut it. In comes the expensive, painful, leaves you looking like a pighead with a wired-shut mouth surgery. Which my orthodontist (And a few prior. Yes I've gotten second and third opinions and I've read up on it like a fiend don't worry) has decided is best for my situation.

I'll be in braces for a year (bye bye 2010) in preparation for surgery first (and will end up with a very severe underbite in the process They need to make the situation worse before they can make it better. Trust them on this one... I know I have to.) THEN I go for surgery.. Pretty intense surgery no less - Read that you come out looking like a "pighead", it's a strictly liquid diet for a few weeks, your mouth is wired shut, need a drip and bathroom assistance and you're stuck with a swollen face for up to a year..... OK MOVING ON. When I'm done with all that, it's braces for 6 more months THEN I'm officially done.


Figured I'd document it from the very start so I would have a perfect avenue to rant and complain and grumble like crazy about the entire process. I'm nervous, frightened, incredibly excited but mostly I'm worried for the people around me that will have to bear with me. Major apologies in advance.

As of today I have just gotten my separators in and my orthodontist was right: the pain only kicks in after a few hours i.e. NOW. Apparently it gets worse tomorrow.... YAY, NEW YEAR'S EVE.

I'll leave this post with what seems to be my ortho's favorite and non too reassuring quote:

"You have to look very bad before you look good!"

Fingers crossed for a grueling 2010! And a year full of painkillers!

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