Monday, March 29, 2010

salt skin

mimolette | 031910

So I stepped my dorky ass out for the first time in months.

And whaddya know I had quite a blast! Though that might not say very much because I actually spent more than half my night having HTHTs in the comfort of the dark, empty and air conditioned mimo dining area. Sans any alcohol. Oh Whatever pish posh.. I stayed up till 6am so I'm still counting this as a legit night out. /end pathetic disclaimer.

Ahh pre-mimo-on-a-whim/ post-dinner at Nirai Kanai, we took this mortifying photo. After 13 years of friendship I should be used to this but hot damn 4" heels should be reserved for people below 5'3. Just sayin'.


Okay I kid because having lived with this um diminutive stature for all of 10 years, it's safe to say I'm quite comfortable with it.. Even when huge hair buns do little to disguise it.

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