Thursday, March 25, 2010

that was us

tiny twosome

A couple of weekends ago, we did brunch at PS cafe Palais and I've gotta be honest - I spent a good minute embracing my inner country bumpkin when I oohed and ahhed out loud because of the floor to ceiling windows. You'd have thunk I'd never seen a good floor to ceiling window in my little life.

We spent 2, 3 hours catching up over sinful desserts and pinot noir. (Okay just PL - "This is a good place to drink wine la! What with the ambiance and all!! Drink leh!") I had such a ball just discussing faraway dreams (taipei city wait for us. we're a-comin'!), planning elaborate schemes (yangmingshan gathering woohoo!) and ranting about friends from hell. Whenever we meet, it just further cements the fact that friendship is not just about how long you've known each other or the amount of time you've spent with each other. It's a wavelength, a frequency thing. And with these 2? I've hit jackpot.

Went on an Ikea run afterward and picked out cabinets with Jing humming happily in my ear. Annnnd I brought home some Billys! This all because my at-full-capacity closet was planning to stage an unwelcome coup wtf. So with determination and a heck of a lot of elbow grease, I put 2 bookcases together *insert smug look*. Would have been prouder of myself but I lost steam towards the end of the process and....

But my closet is now a happier place and by assembling the 2 bookcases I've completed my workout quota for the year. I call win-win!

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