Thursday, May 6, 2010


she saw the bright lights


We be ghetto. We actually stayed in Jersey and so we we had to make the sometimes treacherous 45 minute drive to the city 2 days out of the 3 we were there. Lesson learned: Don't drive in NYC unless you have a death wish. Or you're my Mom.

The Met was closed but we took some obligatory GG inspired shots on the steps. Ended up spending a solid 2 hours meandering through the spiraling levels of the Guggenheim for a photography exhibit.. Pretty enjoyable stuff though my parents gave up and were sitting in the main hall listening to their respective ipods within 20 minutes -_-

The weather was also pretty frickin' incredible. We thought it'd be a lot chillier but it was a nice 60ish with plenty of sun.. Made for perfect weather for my very first time walking the streets of nu yawk citay. Btw.. Tulips. This city has a thing for tulips.



Made our way to Brooklyn to see Iris, Mike and precious little Marcus! His teeny monkey footie socks sent my maternal side into a tailspin. Before long there was only embarrassing gibberish coming out of my mouth. Celebrated Pop's birthday dinner a little later at al di la... Pretty amazing Northern Italian (google tells me so) food, rustic architecture, and a rather charming freckled curly haired super knowledgeable waitress does a good night maketh. (Ahem. I digress.)


times square can't shine as bright as you
(....good fight though)

We actually only spent 3 hours in the city the 2nd day. We spent the majority of our last good day (yeah we actually only had 3, but we spent the first holed up in our hotel watching the Masters) walking around a mall in Jersey. Which I will say I emerged from with many respectable conquests (including my $13 salad from whole foods) but no good pictures.

Nevertheless it was a good 3 hours in the city. Touristy culturey things don't normally appeal to me (I'm uncouth. Really I am.) but Times Square was one place I def wanted to visit. I mean.. It's where the ball drops! And car bombs potentially detonate! (Sidenote: I read on a blog that the whole car bomb thingo might be some huge conspiracy theory to cover this up. HMM!! Too much thinking for me but hot dang). So yes I had to get me some Times Square.

And to Times Square (and various other NY touristy facades) we went. We even spotted a German school band practicing in their knee high socks, military shorts, berets + toting giant brass instruments. I gotta say I was happy I was toasty in my sorbet beanie.. By my tropical/ west coast standards it was a pretty dreary and cold day no shame.

We snapped photos of/with radio city music hall, rockerfeller center, the skating rink, hot dog stands, kebab trucks, shoe shine stations, police stands, magnolia bakery and a zillion more shots of the different facets of this concrete jungle Alicia loves so much... Annnd right after we high tailed it outta there with a $40 parking fee and a mall in Jersey waiting for us. We did not do a good job at being tourists.

I went into my whole East Coast experience with a West Coast bias and naturally the West still has my heart... But NYC, it was most certainly a pleasure getting to know you and maybe next time (gunning for 2012) I'll spend a little more time, do a little more research, and just generally try a little harder for our budding relationship. I promise. You're so worth it.

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