Sunday, May 23, 2010



We left NY with sleep in our eyes and snacks on the ready. 5 hours + 2 rest stops + 4 state lines later, WHY HI THERE, VIRGINIA. (Mom drove excellently.) We then made a mad leisurely dash to Reagan airport to welcome the rest of the fam to complete our clan. YAY!!!!!!!

On to touristy ishh:

I am very very very proud to say that we walked something insane like 40 blocks the next day. For me this is monumental seeing how I hate even getting out of my bed to brush my teeth so I was patting myself on the back all day.

But we gots to see it all! From the white house (from all angles), to the WW2 mem, to the vwar mem and we trekked a long, long, long, lonnnnnnng (albeit scenic but LONG G DANGIT!) way to see lincoln memorial (hi abe). We even found the time to walk with our shoes off (that was Mom), buy overpriced soda and chow down on Chinese food. And mangopeach froyo chhhyeah.

For dinner though I think I ate a whole cow. Fracking Brazilian churrascarias.

for life

Managed to squeeze in a very solid shopping fix somewhere in between visits to the American History Musuem and heavy seafood dinners. Apart from the weather and um spending QT with my family (but of course), shopping was the best part of my time in DC. I am not ashamed of how shallow I am and how thrilled I was to sprint out of the car when we got to the mall, leaving my families both in the dust and with my parting words - "OK SEE YOU ALL IN 3 HOURS HAVE NO TIME BYE!!!!!!!"

Next round, Dallas. I'm taking too long to pen all this down as it is -_-

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