Wednesday, June 23, 2010

kiss kiss bang bang

Bullets and all that jazz:
  • Ortho says 8 more months of bracefacery before surgery. 8 MONTHS? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mom: "Feels like you've had braces forever."

    Yea Mom, tell me about it. My straight talkin ortho tells me "Evaaa. Even if you come see me every day it won't change things. If your teeth don't move, they don't move." I was half expecting him to bust out finger guns and go "capiche?" Clearly he was skiving in Tact 101 in dental school. Especially the class where the lecture was about dealing with patients with hearts made of intricate blown glass. *crumbles dramatically x2*

    As it is I'm starting to have problems with my S'es and Sh'es. The next 8 months are not going to be purrdy.

    om freaking g. Yes it's very 2008 but honestly have Japanese drama serials always been this good?! And hard hitting? The last time I remember being so invested in a Japanese drama serial, I think it was My Boss My Hero. Or HYD but &)$#&$)$* FLAILLLLLL LAST FRIENDS FLAAILLLL. Every episode I was yelling. Be it in disgust or glee I was screaming cringing crying at some point in every single episode. What can I say - I tend to get invested.

    I might have started watching for Ueno Juri (Ruka picspam necessary in future blog post), but within the first 15 minutes of the first episode, I could not have been more hooked.

  • Flakes. Not a fan.

  • Family. Back in the country for 2 weeks! Birthday celebrations (jie & bryce) galore. Going to use up my family dinner quota for the year in just these 14 short days. Current count in the past 6 days alone: 4.

  • A/C in the office is going through a severe identity crisis. Apparently, it thinks it's an industrial meat chiller.

  • #jing. (what's new)

  • Eagerly counting down to July 9th.

  • I smell like durians.

  • I have a huge neon pink piece of velcro holding up my bangs.

  • Bullet points are fun!

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