Monday, July 26, 2010

hb, cyky

Been actively MIA (oxymoron alert) for the past couple of weeks for very valid reasons but I'm back to documenting events in and of my life. Even though:
  1. Most blog fodder is most probably dated at least 5 weeks prior
  2. There really..... Isn't all that much going on.
I mean seriously. No one wants to read about the air-conditioning in the office (it's trippin on acid) nor my watery eyes (never thought I'd ever want to escape from the glare of the computer monitor) so you know. There. Explains the lack of activity AND OMG I AM BLABBERING LET'S MOVE ON.


To celebrate, we did dinner at Table 66! We were rowdy, raucous and ravenous so I think we made for pretty good dinner guests. Maybe the neighboring tables didn't quite think so but in our defence there was another table full of patrons who burst into song (Title unknown but they all knew the lyrics so maybe it's some sort of folk traditional birthday song?) at the beginning (we didn't get it either. plus there was no song when the birthday cake was brought out) of their dinner so I'm thinking they were our people. They got us. Our backs were had. By them. Cha mean.

What was I saying again?

Right Char's birthday. I got carried away again sorry.

ANYWAY dinner was pretty good and conversations were hilarious as usual. They ran the gamut from in-depth (i use that term lightly) discussions on whether bisexuals were worth dating and yacht purchases and a lot of humming and do-do-doing (in a bid to figure out the title of a certain song Marns had stuck in her head.)


Although this marks the end of photos from the night, the charlebration actually went on for a good 8 hours after. From:
  • Germany v Argentina at The Marriott, to
  • Chary v Flaming Lambo at Bar None, to
  • Yogs & I v Take Home Tub of Peach Yami Yogurt, to
  • Chary v Flaming Lambo Comes Back Up in Va's Sink
  • Spain v Netherlands at Home, to
  • Yogs v Work at 10AM
Good times.. Good times. We love you Char and I'm glad your sexy raspy voice is in my life. Bisous bisous bisous.

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