Saturday, August 21, 2010

us at uss


I make it sound like I did something terribly exciting or excitingly terrible.

I really didn't.

Like many others (as seen on facebook and blogs galore), we traipsed down to our very own USS some weeks ago....... Only to be met with rain, a bunch of closed rides, and ponchos with jacked up prices. (For real though, they upped the price of every poncho by 50c when it started raining. We know this because they were actually sharpieing on the new prices as they sold them. THAT'S NOT COOL, USS.)

We spent the bulk of our time there waiting in line, lugging our big heavy camera-laden bags and wielding our brollies like the closet aunties that we are. I was so bummed though.. What with BSG still being unavailable :| I had a spin on it a few months ago during a DBS event and was itching for repeats of those 52 secs but ah well. I guess we'll all have to wait a little while more.

gives you wings!

rockin the poncho

All in all, I had fun! IKR how much more generic could I be. But there really were moments where I felt like I wasn't in Singapore, which sadly... Is a compliment. That being said, I felt like I was in another SEAsian country. Which isn't quite a compliment. So make of that gibberish what you will. Nevertheless, USS came across as a pretty well oiled machine and I think it's such a symbol of Singapore's growth and what is to come for our little homeland. I mean.. Uni-freakin-versal Studios! In tiny ol' Singapore! Well at the very least I'm excited. We makin' waves people.

Hmmm highlights. I'd say highlights came in the form of popsicles in the rain (YOU KNOW THE CLASSIC LIME/ VANILLA ONE?! WHY DON'T WE EAT IT ANYMORE?! Ya I devoured mine in something like 30 seconds flat), tomyam flavored popcorn for dinner and bedtime at 8PM. Me and my baller ways.

Don't you know it.

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