Tuesday, November 16, 2010

rollin with the homies


Out to the open waters we journeyed to celebrate Stephie's 23rd! Call me a country bumpkin but I think I was picturing us on a sailboat more than anything. Clearly I didn't quite stop to think how a sailboat would accommodate 20 people but oh well it all worked out because.......

It was a freakin' house. On water. With three storeys. And a range of household appliances that would easily rival harvey norman and his high-tech brethren. A family actually lives on this thing when it's not being rented out to rowdy young kids celebrating yet another unimportant birthday. They live on it. Like live on it. I think you get my point but as pretty and as well-furnished as it was, I can't see myself living on a water vessel for long periods of time. Let's just say I wasn't exactly dragging my feet to meet with solid ground after 8 hours on the thing. It was more like "OH CEMENT OH MY GAWD SOLID GROUND I HAVE MISSED YOU."


We ate, we drank, we made merry. Sam and I took a westward hike to QB foods the day before to pick up our beautiful, glorious meats and Sam (TGFS - Thank God For Sam) was our designated chef on the day of. She handled the barbeque like the pro that she is but too much food went to waste though because the youngsters were too busy playing beer pong and drinking out of their beer bong. I shed some very real tears for all the uneaten beef.

A lot of our fellow party goers were pretty smashed by 1PM which started out being entertaining (OH YEAH WAKE UP YEAH x 1894168) until it got kind of crazy and kind of out of control and before we knew it, people were kind of holding on to foam noodles for dear life, kind of speaking about 10x louder than necessary and kind of giving nary a care about personal space. Kiiiinda.

The party had it all. An almost fight, not-so almost tears, ridiculously raucous laughter, grade A US prime rib and extremely delicious cupcakes. I would like to autonomously declare it a ~success~!

turning 23 with a
big splash

happy birthday s

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