Tuesday, December 28, 2010

hb, cmy

happy birthday baby
12 years and counting

We had dinner at Osvaldo's to celebrate M's birthday! Hot tamales I cannot believe it's been exactly 1 year since she's been home. This means it's been almost 2 since I have. (!!!!!) It is just frightening how time is rocketing by.

And okay this whole adulthood thing is seriously no fun. We had to rush to get to dinner after a long day at work and leave for home right after because the next day was a work day. Pffft.

with you right here i'm a rocketeer
let's fly-y-y-y-y

we be classy

girlfriends ♥

Yummy food, good company and pretty dresses. A good combination by any standards! Sigh you guys, the last of us has turned 23. Now we're (reluctantly) trudging on to our 24th. Our youth is slipping away and we're only succumbing to it by LETTING IT. WE'RE LETTING OURSELVES MOVE INTO THE MID 20S WITH NARY A STRUGGLE COME ON LET'S FIGHT THE DEMON THAT IS AGING! LET'S GO OUT AND PARTY WITH THE YOUNG UNS! LET'S.... Take a nap first. Yes everything after my afternoon nap.

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