Wednesday, February 2, 2011

tokki new year

!happy lunar new year!

me + my derpy face + queen amidala zits send our best wishes

Even though it apparently bodes badly for us bunnies, I'm actually quite pleased it's the year of the rabbit. Yay us. And because I'm incredibly proud of my Chinese heritage, I'm going to honor the new year in my own way and that's to make resolutions! I didn't quite succeed in making them when Jan 1st 2011 rolled around but I think this works pretty dang well too. Here we go:
  1. Be more conscientious with my money
  2. Show more gratitude
  3. Decide on future scholastic possibilities
  4. Be a better listener
  5. Be more conscious of what I eat
  6. Get started on seriously learning Korean kamsahamnida
  7. Write more
  8. Read more
  9. Start a fitness program HAHA OK LET'S GET REAL THIS IS NOT GONNA HAPPEN.
Wish me luck but more than that wish me diligence and perseverance. The year of the rabbit awaits!

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