Wednesday, April 20, 2011

dazed days


outfit of the day #1: i love my clunky shoes and my bag and it ain't no lie
outfit of the day #2: mom and i preparing to head out for a wedding dinner

home cooked meal of the day #1: bodae jigae
home cooked meal of the day #2: japanese cucumber salad

group photo of the day: dem girls

cheese (ball) of the day: hi ms. c!

cheese dish of the day: burata that could launch a thousand ships

excessive dairy consumption of the day: RISOTTO. IN CHEESE RIND. I DIE.

beef part of the day: beef tongue come to mommy

dinosaur shaped food item of the day: tiramisu at l'operetta

April came in the blink of an eye and frankly I'm afraid to blink again because before we all know it it's going to be September and then it'll be 2012 and we'll all be gone. I'm taking the cheese rind with me when Armageddon hits.

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