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fan-account - SHINee THE 1ST CONCERT IN SINGAPORE 2011

this past saturday, i managed to watch 5 of my favorite underage korean boys perform and it was nothing short of magical. here lies my experience in 3000 words as copied from tumblr aka my cesspit of korean pop idolatry.

barely edited and quite raw (and therefore immensely fangirly and potentially embarrassing but i feel a-okay about that. i love these boys and i cannot lie)

it was incredible. decidedly underwhelming, but incredible nevertheless. jill and i concluded that it was because we've seen so many fancams of all the other swc's that even though we were thrilled (beyond imaginable belief), nothing surprised us. which really is our fault so damn us for being such avid fancam stalkers. but it was just such an incredible (there that word is again) feeling to see the boys in real life. the boys i spend far too much time dissecting and analyzing and poring over. in real life. in front of my eyes. singing and dancing the same songs i've heard far too many times and seen performed far too many times in various fancams from countries spanning far and wide.

i actually came away with a large sense of sadness for the boys. because they looked exhausted. particularly onew and taemin - there was a good part of the concert when they were kind of... not all there? onew sang at least 3 songs with his eyes closed about 80% of the time. and it wasn't "oh i'm really getting into the song" but more "i would rather be anywhere but here."

it made me sad :"( you could hear it in his weakened voice that he was so tired. and tae performed amazingly but for the first time ever, i saw him half-ass some of his dance moves. anyone that knows SHINee knows that tae doesn't do that - but he did (albeit just for a couple of songs! but he did.) there were times when it really felt like they were just going with the motion and they weren't feeling it at all. they seemed to get better halfway through, say after a-yo, which was only a tiny bit reassuring.


this be kibum.

SHINee are beautiful. every bit as beautiful, nay, they are even more beautiful in real life. in particular, key is an angel. he is a flawless porcelain doll. his skin is perfectly milky white and it really felt like he was putting in extra effort cos he knew that the others were so tired. he is flat out amazing. spot on dance moves and fanservice from here to seoul. he was just. so. SMILEY. and WAVEY. and can we just talk about his english for a bit here. we've all heard him speak it. but it is like a zillion times more melodious in real life. it is PERFECT. like you could dump him on the streets of new york and boy would be fine.  we got lucky cos key came over to our side of the stage a whole bunch of times so i could see him in all his glory so many times. and it never ceased to impress me. (IS MY BIAS SHOWING YET) (note: pre-concert, my bias was a very greedy ontaekey. this concert has shown me where my heart lies.)

this is going to turn into a dissertation about key. but he is poetry in motion. the way he walks, talks, moves, laughs. it's like a chorus of angels decided to put on their best show for the world to see. there's something in the way he carries himself that is so damn freaking charismatic. it's undoubtedly effeminate, but so uniquely kibum. it just makes my toes curl in delight thinking about him.

he is the perfect mix of cottony soft and steely goodness. watching him laugh (you know how he throws his head back and then his whole body into his laughs) and kick it with the rest of the boys in real life was one of the biggest highlights of the night because watching them be them was... priceless. in all honesty though, i would  pay good money to watch key fold origami. do anything. glare at the top of my head. wipe down a table. i don't even care.

that is how beautiful this boy is. he glows. like seriously if all the stadium lights out went out, key and key alone could light up the entire arena. he's so fair he could easily be one of the models in those korean skincare ads and he'd be prettier than most of the models out there anyway. i've always believed this, but seeing him in real life just solidified what i thought - that he is stunning. guys, really. he is beautiful. his face is perfect. his body is perfect. so perfect it's surreal.

when he's on stage though, he's almighty key. i'm sure you know that key. he's powerful and energetic and sexy as all hell. and in real life he is even more vivacious. it may be my bias talking, but i found it so hard to tear my eyes away from him.
he is a consummate performer. breathtaking in every sense.

| notes from some of the performances:


lushipeo: laser show ftw, yo. when they're up in the air it's like "look ma! angels! with green lasers and perfectly coiffed hair!"

obsession: this song is not played enough. it is so good live.

ready or not: was really looking forward to the jongkey in this one that was in all the other shacons. but alas, it was not to be. jjong knelt down in the middle of the stage and key was doing his own thing. drats. i was so ready.

a-yo: one of the most fun songs. they were running all over the place in their little outfits and we were all drawing circles and a-yo-ing with them. joy.

quasimodo: my favorite SHINee ballad. i just wanted to say that the boys looked flawless in their white suits and sounded beautiful.

graze: one of my favorite SHINee songs. the cheapo ikea chair dance was cute irl and it was cute cos onew stumbled a teeny bit during the dance and the boys were like chortling.

indiv performances: all lovely. though i did spend 95% of jjong's solo trying to figure out the language of the song he was singing, puppy did great. he was wailing and going falsetto like there was no tomorrow, but that's our jjongpup! and he did awesome. minho tries so hard and i love him for that. honestly, with that choreography for OMG, he did pretty damn good. also, he has 8 packs. 8. tae was immaculate during r+j. i love tae's voice. taekay during my first kiss was not as flirty as the rest of the shacons, but adorable nonetheless. onew's opera was very loud, but perfect as is the rest of him. i did spend a lot of the concert wanting to mother him and tuck him into bed though.

lullaby: i must admit i LOLed at the end when they all huddled together and hugged onew and the little boy. it was a bit cult-like.

random videos interludes: they were all... awful. and hilarious. even though kibum doing the ugly cry and onew crumbling with his flowers at the telephone booth still made my heart hurt a little.

ending + happy key day!!: highlight of the entire concert! i just love watching the boys being... the boys. even though having the water fight is staged, i just like watching them run around and acting their age. i love how goofy they get. i love when they put on random hats that (awesome) fans brought. (and how is it they look so flawless with wet hair and cartoon hats?) (and goggles and my melody hats? oh jjong.) (and too tight hats that can't be pried off your head? oh jinki.)
it was hilarious that the fans sang the birthday song in korean and the boys were singing in english. but adorable. jjong sang so loudly.

there was so much random smattering of english. it was ADORABLE. key and his perfect english. he acutally introduced himself with "WASSUP SINGAPORE THIS IS KEY!! long time no see! we've missed you!" i just about nearly had an aneurysm at his perfection at that moment.

they all went "thank you so much" multiple times. of course jjong and his "happy birthday key i love you!" and minho's "happy birthday TO YOUUU!". ugh is this what thrills me these days? rudimentary english? but it was WONDERFUL.

and omg key's dance time. SO PRICELESS. the way he naturally strutted himself to the center and let loose and shook his booty. COULD YOU BE ANY CUTER? COULD YOU?!?!?  and when he wore his pink hat and smiled i really felt my entire body melting. like honestly i felt my heart at my feet he was so gorgeous.
i would pay the full ticket price all over again just to watch the ending over and over and over again. these cute life-ruiners.

| boys:

onew: i love him so much. i feel like he looked weathered? which made me think of SM's milk club and made me worry as i tend to do for SHINee. his voice was solid as usual, his eye smiles melt-worthy as usual, his sangtae lovable as always. i just wish he would be given a chance to rest. even for a week. he seems just like the sort that would carry the world on his shoulders and i felt like i saw a glimpse of it on saturday night. he still performed awesomely, but that's just what we felt. but when he smiles, when he sings... there's no defence against that. absolutely none. no one is safe from his charm okay.

jjong: jjong is a puppy. there is no other way to describe how adorable and bouncy he is. i guarantee that everyone, whether or not a shawol and/or pet lover, will want to gather jjong in your arms and just... pet him. also, he is TINY. it is so freaking cute. he is a good bit shorter than all the rest of the boys and it is just so freaking adorable. like during the lullaby they all had to wear some white satin poncho thing and his came down to his shins and tae's were like right where his knees were. hee hee.

key: need i say more about my fairy? about my wonderful angel who kissed every single plastic ball he threw to the fans? who headbanged so hard i feared bits of his brain would leak out from his ears? who waved and said "thank you" so much you'd think he was a presidential hopeful?

minho: so incredibly handsome. body like a greek god. and that's all i have *embarrassed*

taemin: TAE IS INCREDIBLY SKINNY. i know, what's new right? but his legs are the size of my arms i am not kidding you. BABY BOY! EAT!! AND RETAIN THE WEIGHT!! chub!tae is cute!tae. chopsticklegs!tae is tooskinny!tae. need i say more about taemin's dancing skills? boy's got mad skillz. such a pleasure to watch him dance irl with his signature lip-bite. he is also insanely cute especially when he's playing and running around like a 5 year old. i feel like that's the tae we all fell in love with. mint leaf on his head and all.

otp alert?: ok my otps are jongkey, onkey and minkey. and i saw jongkey onkey and minkey. i am a happy stan. also taekey. tae holding key whilst the rest of the boys sprayed him with confetti string. tae spraying copious amounts of water at key. minho helping key remove said confetti string. onew chasing key with a water bottle. jjong's "i love you". WHY ARE THEY SO EFFING ADORABLE.
and my favorite jongkey moment - when key saw jjong in his ridic getup of his my melody hat + swimming goggles and he BURST OUT laughing in his signature key laugh. made my night.

the dynamics of SHINee enthral me and i'm glad i got to witness it first hand. above all the otp shenanigans, they just look like really good friends that seem to genuinely like each other. and that makes me happy.

this 500000 word fanaccount is finally coming to a close. i love that beneath all their immense professionalism, they are the same crazy peppy boys that we fell in love with and continue to fall in love with. i adore that they still kinda suck at live interviews, and especially that key looked so bored during the local media interviews but came alive during the concert. for some reason that just made me love him more.

the boys, as they are well trained to do, thanked us profusely at the end of the concert. but thank you SHINee. you've made my world a much more dazzling place to live in.

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