Saturday, September 24, 2011

love note to tumblr

You know what I love? Tumblr.

Is this ethical? To wax lyrical about how much I love another (newer, younger) blogging platform on my rickety 8 year old home base? But Tumblr's just like the awesome new girl on the block. She waltzes in with her effortlessly pretty hair. She doesn't ask for commitment but she gives you just what you need. She doesn't need any sweet talking or any talking at all, really. (A visual character, this one.) She accommodates and appreciates your short attention span - as a matter of a fact, she's constantly trying to come up with fresh moves to keep you interested. She's kind of the perfect girlfriend, isn't she?

Oh Tumblr. I just love how easy it is to find high quality edits and gifs at my fingertips for my flavor of the month (or in my case, year). You make me so happy ^^

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