Thursday, May 10, 2012

hark the herald - the 2011 edition

Am I really going to bombard my blog with photos from events that happened a hundred months ago aka late 2011? Why yes, yes I am. Accurate premonition. (I'm embarrassed but I'm past that now - I have to document! Even if I'm doing it stupidly late! Because come on, how else am I going to even remember anything that happens in my life if I don't blog about it?)

(This might also be a good time to admit that I've had this in my drafts for 5 months and I have no idea why I never published it. Travesty.)

We held our annual Thanksgiving dinner at Sam's (as usual) and we were spoiled silly (as usual). We ate, they drank, we made merry. Which really can be said for all holiday events but since this dinner came first, this one gets to use that cliché. A big highlight of the night? The utterly delectable baked sweet potato casserole topped with pecans and marshmallows.  SO. INCREDIBLE. 


X'mas  this last year was at timbre on a rainy, rainy night. We had duck pizza, we exchanged gifts, and we fell off our very high chairs playing taboo. T'was wonderful. 


We came appropriately dressed in various shades of red and green (unplanned) and yes, more secret santa time (planned). Board game du jour? Cranium, of course. Did we suck? Yes. Did we have a ball? Most definitely. 


Well I'm off to hide under my rock of shame now. I cannot believe I'm posting about Christmas 2011 in May 2012.  ٩(×̯×)۶

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