Wednesday, July 11, 2012

spinning on blackness

"if i listen closely, i can hear the sky falling too." - frank.
 the past two days have been emotionally exhausting and eye-opening. funnily (and ironically) enough, none of it related to direct events in my life. yet equally draining and to a certain, #firstworld #sobincar kind of extent, quite harrowing. 

i hope i will live to see the day that that no one will have to "master themselves and their emotions" because of societal norms, because of stigmatic views, because of bigoted, deep-rooted misconceptions.  i hope that i will live to see the day that hearts can only be broken by people in love and not because you're in love.

perhaps, coming from me, it's not saying a lot. but really? it means all too much.

and i forget my first love, like you forget a daydream

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