Tuesday, March 5, 2013

one for euphoria one for mephoria

i've always tried to advocate contentment as the ultimate goal because we all know that even if jenny's got all them rocks, don't be fooled. she's still jenny from the block. okay, that reference did not make any sense because she's talking about how real she remains regardless of her many baubles but let's just go with it. it just came to me in a misguided flash.

basically, what good will anything be if all i want is everything?

i reject that notion and i really want to reject that version of myself. i think we've gotten so used to demanding, just incessantly demanding, and i'll be the first to admit that i'm so very guilty of that. one egg tart is not enough. i need twelve with an extra helping of custard buns and char siew sous. now that's just crossed the line into greed okay, greed.

i have to drum the idea into my head that not everyone is a primadonna girl and no, that song was not meant to be the theme song of our lives. there's a fine line between resting on your laurels and a self-centred quest for everything. the key is to find that happy medium. how perfectly named this compromise is.

(still working with the idea of a tree-house though. still working on it.)

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