Thursday, May 2, 2013

hitchongkong, baby

In March (incidentally, the same weekend as the sevens so it was utter mayhem everywhere oh goodness no), I spent 50 hours in Hong Kong with my best girlfriends from college to celebrate Jane + Anthony's big day. Given that we're scattered around cities aplenty (with Jane in particular all the way in +702 some 7300 miles away), it really feels like such a treat whenever we're together, all the more so since we had all just gotten together in July 2012 for Helen's big do. Here are a few photos to somewhat (not really, okay almost not at all) tell the tale of the whirlwind trip.

we like escalators.
(taking these photos was an adventure in and of itself, 
complete with running in heels and unglamorous shrieking. )

patiently standing in line for 九記牛腩麵.
(certified to be worth the wait and getting unceremoniously yelled at.)

our beautiful, beautiful bride, jane.
(we miss you.)

half our table!
(other half not pictured and a lot less important as they are boys. not sry2say.)

U! N! L! V!
(apparently, we're making this a thing now. see original image here.)

brunch at green @ hotel icon
(everything was delicious but the breadsticks, oh the cheesy breadsticks.
i want to write a love song to the breadsticks.)


奶油豬 @ tsui wah
(how can i call myself a tourist if i don't have some tsui wah?
or rather... multiple servings of this pièce de résistance?)

(i adore us.)

Not pictured: A... lot. We got lazy and I am ashamed.

We're older, possibly smarter, not quite wiser but the 18 year old college girl in all of us comes to the forefront when we're together. In the best, best way possible. Even when we get lost for hours on end and we end up having to ask a police officer for directions (which he then stoically points to the next street like 10 steps away as our final destination. oh.). Even when we squeal like schoolgirls with the news of new beginnings or discuss the ins and outs of existing relationships with the intensity usually reserved for board meetings. Even when we reminisce non-stop about old times and wonder with trepidation about our futures.

How lucky we are. How so very lucky we are to have this.

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