Saturday, July 27, 2013



I'm writing this to commemorate the past week of my life. A week where I've made and eaten an obscene amount of quibap (my uncreative portmanteau for quinoa + kimbap). Really, it's been a delicious experience.

I should quit trying to make quibap happen but take it from me and the copious amount of quinoa kimbap that I have inhaled, quinoa is a perfect rice substitute and it is absolutely perfect in kimbap. I would go so far as too say it is too perfect because I've eaten so many that it is positively in shameful territory.

Here is the recipe as a note to myself even though I am unlikely to ever forget it seeing as I have made it every other day for the past week.

QUINOA KIMBAP aka quibap 
1)wash and julienne kimbap ingredients. cucumbers, carrots, imitation crab sticks and the star of my kimbap show: yellow radish. it is the bomb dot com. feel free to add any other protein or vegetables. run wild and free. your kimbap is your oyster. 
2) rinse quinoa very well and cook according to instructions. i copped out and added sushi vinegar with a pinch of salt and sugar to taste. 
3) while quinoa is still warm (this is key. future va, please use warm quinoa because cold quinoa is like uncooperative sand), proceed with putting together kimbap rolls.   
4) follow basic sushi/ kimbap rolling protocol, armed with your sushi mat covered in cling wrap. posotion your ingredients at the bottom half of your seaweed but really, just do whatever works for you. it's okay to be lousy at it. 
5) when all is said and done, cut your rolls into bite-sized pieces. tip: in between slices, wipe your knife with a paper towel that's been dabbed in a water/oil mixture. 

(also, this is delicious dipped in mayo.)  

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