Monday, September 16, 2013

good, better, best

Life tidbits lie ahead.

• birthday boy celebrates his birthday #1 •
crab cakes are a good sub for birthday cakes

• birthday boy celebrates his birthday #2 •
with home-made stuffed cupcakes in multiple flavors

• birthday boy celebrates his birthday #3 •
let's not skirt around the fact that skirt was disappointing
(but, pretty lights! *_*)

• july babies superstars celebrate their birthdays 
long, languid birthday brunches are the loveliest

• shave the last dance 
sultans of shave opening with my best

• putting the fiend in fenix room 
a welcome excursion from my usual friday night schedule 
(which usually involves more pajamas and a whole lot more internet)

 august babies turn the lights down low 
...we had dim sum

• let me pose a question 
why in the name of empty beds waiting to be sat on
does my family insist on watching tv like this?!

(These are questions that need answers.)

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