Saturday, November 9, 2013

tickle my francey

happy halloween '13!
(j showin' some pretty serious skull
and the rest of us dressed as disgruntled office workers)

Over candied coconut jam flavored drinks (with kaya toast on top to boot), warm rum infused with nutella and mocktails served in baby bottles, we welcomed November.

Celebrations were also in order for Steph's birthday + engagement. Yep, the first of us is getting wifed, y'all.


Quiches, cheese and a whole lotta hummus padded our stomachs as we threw back sangrias, G&Ts and a whole lotta disproportionately made mimosas. It's still surreal to think that one of us is actually, getting, married. What do you mean I'm not still 18?!

boss mode, activated!

some ships are wooden ships,
but those ships may sink.
the best ships are friendships, 
and to those ships -
we drink.  

happy birthday + engagement, stephie

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