Monday, December 16, 2013


In a completely unsurprising turn of events, I went to Taiwan. Yes, again. Need I really say more about how I feel about Taiwan? Need I? No. I need not. But I will. IT'S MY PARTY AND I'LL PEN EXAGGERATED BLOG POSTS DESCRIBING MY UNENDING LOVE FOR TAIWAN IF I WANT TO. Indulge me.

This trip was a trip for the soul. The chicken soup hot milo of vacations, if you will. So warm, incredibly comforting and by the time you're finished you're stupidly holding the empty cup, desperately trying to shake what's left of it into your mouth just wanting, no -  needing, to relish every last malt chocolatey drop.

Like I said, indulge me.

{get up and go}

You know how sometimes you need a holiday from a holiday? Not this one.

We would shop for half an hour and then decide that that warranted an hour's rest, gorging ourselves on multi-flavored waffles and coffee in the meantime. We would end our day's activities at 5PM and lounge around in the hotel, nursing glass after glass of choya with early 2000s R&B playing in the background before finally deciding to head out for the night. With the intensity and fervor of what would normally be reserved for world affairs, we spent hours discussing and making our very vital, very lengthy lists. In between gargantuan meals of hotpot (read: a zillion 蛋饺s) and sampling bites from every alternate food store at the night market, we would happily fill our time and tummies with an absurd amount of skewered processed food from the convenience store. We would also  fall asleep at a moment's notice, oblivious to the city we were supposed to experience annnnnd... Okay this part was just Dith.

you sua, mee sua

(actually tofu. but also magical.)

無老鍋 i think you mean ooooooh 老鍋

i'm a crepe, i'm a weirdough

We also went out and you know, fell further.

a disarmingly accurate representation of our saturday night

can we go back, this is the moment 
tonight is the night, we'll fight till its over 
so we put our hands up 
like the ceiling can't hold us 

It was a good night, y'all. I've tried this paragraph like oh, twenty times. Each time trying an increasingly pretentious version (it was a night that took us places and showed us faces... yeah, i know -_-) but it was just one of those nights where everything and everyone fell into place to create pure, unadulterated good times.

However, our old bones didn't handle it quite as well. Let's just say that our bodies only felt ready to return to the streets of Taipei at 4PM the next day.

my people

my people being social but not very sociable

barely making it through my first (ever!) foot massage

this 麻糬 was so nice we bought it twice
(in the span of fifteen minutes, too)

I came away from this holiday with a profound (just go with it) sense of enlightenment in many ways and an even deeper affection for my most treasured city only made better by being with my best friends.

I have long resigned myself to a life of loving Taiwan hopelessly from afar but leaving it never gets easier. T-dub, till we're reunited again? I'll be right here pining.

vpcd x tpe 
{all roads lead to 25°02′N 121°38′E}

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