Wednesday, February 26, 2014

wham bam thank you fam

As quickly as the holiday season came, it left. On a jet plane. Crumbling my soul in the process. It also cranked my drama-quotient up 110%. Excuse me as I collapse into a heaving heap of emotions.

my holiday happiness
munchkin #1 and #2, reporting for duty!

I maintain that being celebratory is a state of mind. Which is why our first holiday gathering started in November because it's neeeeeever too early for holiday cheer! Or presents. It's always time for presents.

(it was a success. squeals were squealed.)

The main action really only started happening at the more appropriate time frame of late December.  Firstly, I had my family back! We were complete for 10 glorious days! Exclamation point!!!!

We held our first official Christmas party at home, with our very first official Christmas Tree! Yes, capitalised Tree because I Am Excited About Fake Pine Trees. Of course, I decorated the living daylights (ah ha ha) out of that tree and I loved every moment of it. Scouring the Xmas markets, exploring obscure malls for the sparkliest decorations available and spending too much time arranging and rearranging and rearranging the ornaments some more - yup, every spangly moment.

one, two, tree.
i look forward to making a tree-dition out of you

happy new y-ear, my gems. 

all that glitters

There were also a bunch of pre and post Christmas parties. Seriously, the people around me just love finding any excuse to ingest an absurd amount of ham and that works for me because hey, I could never hate on overindulgence and okay, let's be real, xmas is a pretty darn magical time of year.

brunch party
pancakes are way better than fruitcakes

we resolved to resolve

I spent a lot of time with my nephew and niece in my lap/ trying to get them in my lap/ trying to smother them with ALL THE KISSES, ALL OF THEM and my success rate was a respectable 75%. Seeing them for two weeks in a year is certainly far from satisfactory so the urge to squish them senseless is heightened every time we're together. I will never get sick of hearing them squeal "小姨~", especially when paired with a running hug. YES, HONEYS? YES???


hugs all round ft bliss going 'o-kay xiaoyi lemme g-o'

my squishy

pocket princesses ft my giant head

Who knows what will happen in the afterlife, or if there even is an afterlife, but I do know this - "A happy family is but an earlier heaven", and for that, I am grateful for my little piece of heaven.

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