Tuesday, June 17, 2014

i stared up at the sun (and it wasn't fun)

It's June, and not one substantial post on this dusty space detailing 2014 thus far. I should be ashamed. (I am.)

Mid-year review, cliff-notes version:
  • Peaceful nothingness is very underrated. Normalcy is divine.
  • I should whine less about my teacup storms/ teapot tempests in the face of you know, real problems.
  • Also, said teacup storms/ teapot tempests are great. Weather too hot vs office too cold? Eyes getting sore from using the computer too much? Bruising my forehead from dropping my phone on it while browsing instagram in bed? Restaurant running out of my fave tofu cheesecake? THESE ARE NOT REAL PROBLEMS. THESE ARE GREAT!!! 
  • As ush, comparison is the thief of happiness. Don't go grabbin' my joy, compadre comparison.

Moving along.

Oh right. I turned 27.

this is how i feel about turning 27. I POKE YOUUUU, 27.
(maturity level also 27 out of 10000)

candles, and all that jazz. it's getting increasingly laborious to blow out so many candles.

It would be very remiss of me not to add that I ingested a ton of chocolate cake. Namely Matt's and Lana so thank you cocoa gods, thank you. (and of course my bffs + bf who bought said cakes. You guys bomb too, yo.)

Carrying on with the Cake theme, Huis and I had cake after a full brunch one Sunday because cake.

we really like cake.

allie gets us. 

More snippets from 2014:

home made popsicles and selfies in dim lighting 
(popsicles: yakult + sprite + strawberies. 
selfie: zouk +  sour plum shots + a bunch of mid 20 something adults that refuse to relinquish their youth without a fight.)

#officeoutfit #workwear #cubicleclothes #YOUGETITRIGHT

Afternoon chats over cheese and tea, because we're posh. (Except we're not, and said cheese and tea were from the grocery store and punctuated with bites of limey dorito chips.) 

ft. us and the stairway to heaven +  my friend, the laptopface

You know how hipster/ pretentious places are very, well, hipster/ pretentious, often substandard and almost  always populated by people who think they are Better Than You and Cooler Than You? Well, I love most of those places. I am not ashamed to say that I am not cool at all but I often like to pretend I am and ogle and coo at concrete floors and brick walls and clipboard menus and cute typography.

ANYWAY. Jekyll and Hyde was as terrific as it was hipster/ pretentious, which is to say, very

infinitely instagrammable, amirite.

The drinks were incredible (as well as incredibly expensive) and were served in the most adorable china.The price ended up being only a tiny deterrent from ordering too too many because they were delicious and R U READY to see the bar snacks they served?

Because my stomach wasn't ready. It was not ready to handle a metric ton of these:

(served in fancy wooden bowls, natch. we had to order plenty of drinks to wash these down.)

my baes at jekyll/hyde. (ft. cole who is taking this picture) 

You've made it this far - you deserve a picture of my niece and nephew being painfully precious.

sno-cones i think you mean s-YES cones!

And there you have it, a minimally comprehensive round up of my 2014 so far. For the sake of posterity, I certainly hope the next post is posted before I turn 40, give or take.

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