Thursday, June 26, 2014

like oh

{the monthly edit: june 2014} 

Last week, the prettiest display of cloudlings made an appearance on my way home from work. Singapore can be so very splendid sometimes. 

cloudlets floatin' on through

Finally tried the local outpost of wingstop over the weekend! Review: the food was not worth the drive and dare I say my taste-buds have matured since college where I would dutifully trek to the wingstop near my apartment every other day and eat my shame in the form of hot wings and fries? 

It's more likely that they haven't quite finessed the recipes here so there's that. The wings (we had original and lemon pepper) were salted mercilessly but the fries were actually pretty good! Fried and fluffy. I'm not sure if I would journey to the east again just for the fries though but new malls always excite me a stupid amount so I'm glad I got to explore a new one anyway. I am really a Mall Magpie like OOH WHAT'S THIS STORE no wait there's THIS?!?!? i love EVERYTHING why is there SO MUCH FOOD HERE there is a seoul mart! and a HOME FIX oh my GOD!!!

I should be restrained.

no, you stop.

We've been quite taken with a particular game lately and because we're grown-ass adults, we've started playing it in public.


There even was an impromptu palm push-off outside zouk this past Saturday night because we're Adults and that's what we do, right? I completely, totally recommend it though. Guaranteed icebreaker but also a surefire way to rile up the competitive spirit you never knew you had. 

palm push wars: everywhere is a battlefield 

WHO AM I AND WHAT HAVE I DONE WITH MYSELF. Am I wearing. Sneakers!?!?!? (!!!!?????!)

(yes, you are. stop talking to yourself.)
(i'll stop when you stop)

On a somewhat related note, it should surprise no one that my style icon is a 23 year old doe-eyed boy. MK, Ash, Nicole and Olivia yes, yes, yes and yes but to me, they ain't got nothin' on Kim Jinwoo.

in the same breath, he is kim jinwoo, lost boy/ kim jinwoo, fashion icon. 
Therefore, I did a thing.

i really tried.

I'm off to give myself long, extended pats on the back for actually, finally, posting more than once a month on my oft-neglected blog. How will I ever remember anything when I'm old(er) and grey(er) if I don't blog? I look forward to peppering this space with more inane goings-on from 2014 for future va.

Let's do dis. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

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