Friday, July 4, 2014

only lovers left alive

#pinkdotsg | 2014

Many moons ago, we had to debate the topic in school - 'Are Singaporeans apathetic?' Our team was assigned to argue the affirmative and we spent hours upon hours doing research, arguing among ourselves and preparing our statements. 

Last weekend proved 16 year old me wrong and showed that one way or another, many, many Singaporeans are not apathetic.

Pink Dot 2014 was a blast. It was my very first Pink Dot (for shame!) and I went in (pink), arms full with snacks, picnic mats and some of my best friends, not quite knowing what to expect. Well, the atmosphere was electric. Everyone was positively beaming. Heard no complaints, saw no grumpy folk. Not even one! Not even with the unrelenting heat and occasional snaking line! It was that kind of event, you feelz? Honestly, it felt more like a gathering of close friends of y'know, thousands. Thousands of like minded folks that truly wanted to be there and wanted to be happy there with their spouses/ friends/ kids/ pets/ people/ snacks/ pink paraphernalia. fwiw, it was totally free of all negativity and animosity so take that, you wearwhite crazies.

pink me, pink me!

throwing back blanc in the mid-day heat
(i will admit to having taiwanese lychee beer instead.) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

There are issues that i am willing to discuss, viewpoints I'm willing to consider, standpoints I may concede. But I will always, always, always stand firm on the freedom to love. 'Freedom to love' sounds like such a pansy, politically correct way to say GAY RIGHTS, Y'ALL. But they're not gay rights, they're just rights. Not gay marriage, just, marriage. I will never understand why people have problems with consenting adults making their own decisions on who they want to date or sleep with or spend the rest of their lives with - especially when you don't get to choose who you fall in love with or who you're attracted to. It's Just? So? Preposterous?! That people would have vehement objections to people loving each other?! I have so very many Thoughts and Feelings on this, most of which wither me to a crying mess so I won't carry on but suffice it to say that it is something I hold very, very close to my heart.

I hope that in my lifetime, I will see change. Acceptance. That the next generation will not have to fear the same fears and toe the same lines and make the same choices that so many have been forced to make.

waving the pink flag balloon with pride!
no room for negativity here 

BTW, we celebrated the giant turnout with a night filled with jägerbombs and speed matchmaking. "she likes poodles". "she likes poodles too!!!!! it's perfect!!!!" The best part? Concluding the festivities with the hottest pot in town. Our light, our saviour - Haidilao. 

!!! 3am super supper !!!
haidilao, we love you so much.

Everyone who knows me knows I'm patriotic to a ridiculous extent. I love my little red dot to pieces, but really, it's quite wonderful when it's dyed pink.

 proud to be one pink light in a sea of 26,000 

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