Wednesday, February 11, 2015

i miss yestomorrow

I've always been too nostalgic. Too much reverence for the past. I wouldn't say I “live” in the past, because I definitely take in each present moment and try to enjoy every experience given to me… but my mind always wanders back. That’s natural though, right? The past is what we know, so of course that’s where our thoughts would go? 
I guess to a certain extent, I do live too much in, or for, the past. And then, I let the way I see the future be affected by that. I'm afraid of the past becoming further and further, of losing “the past”. I need to stop this. Wasn't the “past” you grip on so tightly to, at some point a “future”. Be nostalgic, for what’s ahead. 
Don’t give too much weight to what has preceded, that would imply you’re nearing or at the end. We are only just beginning.  -  I Miss Tomorrow 

 timely, so timely.

i guess for me, it's always timely. because i'm perpetually stuck in a state of (sickening, at this point) nostalgia. always pining for a time that has passed, always glorifying what was, always looking back with rose tinted glasses.

i want to want the future, and i do, but i have to let myself go.

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