Sunday, October 25, 2015

our times, best times

after two months of hearing about 我的少女時代 and subsequently obsessively devouring everything relating to it, it finally came to our shores and i caught it in theatres a couple of nights ago (with many other girls and their unsuspecting boyfriends in tow, including mine. good job boys.)

i walked out with a puffy heart, even puffier eyes, and feelings aplenty.

in the grand scheme of things, this isn't truly a sad story, and the goings-on are actually fairly vanilla at best, juvenile at worst. but it struck such a major chord with me and by the end (let's be honest, by the first ten minutes i was already fully drawn in) i was so immersed in the story that every little ebb and flow of the story made my heart soar and sink to an untethered degree.

even when it wasn't meant to be sad. i was crying to the point that j commented at the end of the movie "i kept seeing you cry at different parts of the movie... that weren't sad? why? what? happened? i? don't? get? it? are? you? okay?" i'm paraphrasing. but you get the drift.

i can't quite explain why it made me so emotional (more so than usual at least, which is already untenably so). maybe it was its portrayal of the nuances of teenage relationships, the painfully relatable 林真心, the even more painfully unrealistic(ally wondrous) 徐太宇. or the way the movie easily transported everyone back to their own days of yore, whether it meant you were 17 in the 70s or 90s or 00s, the sentiments mirrored perfectly.

lovely, lovely movie. a hundred thumbs up!

"很久很久以後 我們才知道:


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