Wednesday, February 24, 2016

of soundless iphones and the sounds of taemin

in the spirit of documenting more, i would like to put on record that i've spent the better part of the past 30 minutes trying to figure out why my 'iphone thinks headphones are plugged in' when they're clearly not, leading to an iphone that couldn't make sounds hooray. (btw, q-tip/ paper clip solutions did not work. submerging my phone in rice, though, did. not like i needed more reasons to love rice, but now i have one more, tried and tested.)

also, btw, jsyk, taem released his first full length album yesterday and it was well worth every penny.

i'll never understand people who don't like taemin. 
i mean, have you seen him? even behind the scenes he's incredible. 
♡ consummate performer lee taemin 

so again, in the spirit of documentation, let it be known that 5+ years later, the embarrassment of loving korean pop music/ stars has long worn off and has been replaced with unceasing pride and a whole lotta love. i could go on and on (see: tumblr) about how intensely i feel about his every nuanced move, bright eyes, the back of his freaking knees. but i won't, because my heart may collapse from how much i feel. 

future va, do you still love taemin/ shinee as much as you do now? i hope you do, they're pretty phenomenal. and they make you very happy.

i hope i keep this documenting thing up, no matter how mundane. onward. 

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