Tuesday, December 20, 2016

wait for it

this. jarring. hypocrisy

how do all of you fall asleep at night? do your demons not knock on your door and say 'hey there, old friend. you've made good use of us today, haven't you?' how do they not keep you up with your atrocities and lies and remind you of your skilled use of every sharp object you've used to stab into the backs of unsuspecting others? 

how am i still surprised? 

so very many questions that need answers. but i don't want them. i don't want the brutal honesty nor the reality check. i don't even want to entertain the thought that karma is just a made-up ideal so we can all better deal with the injustices that come along with the landmine-filled territory marked 'growing up'. 

that's life, they say.

well then. 


suck it.

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