Friday, May 9, 2003

just for everyone

havent blogged in a while.
LD was ..
SYF was fun la :) improv-ed.
like improvised LAH.
laughed .. alot.
after that we had serious discussions that made me feel ..
rotten :|

stayed aft that with chary & yogs
laughed more
they always make me happy.

no guestbooking today either,
sorry folks.

heres a great song :)

maybe this won't last very long
but you feel so right
& i could be wrong
maybe i've been hoping too hard
but I've gone this far
& it's more than i hoped for

who knows how much further we'll go on
maybe i'll be sorry when you're gone
i'll take my chances
i forgot how nice romance is
i haven't been there for the longest time

i had second thoughts at the start
i said to myself
hold on to your heart
now I know the woman that you are
you're wonderful so far
& it's more than I hoped for

i don't care what consequence it brings
i have been a fool for lesser things
i want you so bad
i think you ought to know that
i intend to hold you for the longest time

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