Tuesday, May 6, 2003

she's so beautiful
it hurts to look at her



sports day prize presentation :D
seriously screamed till my face turned green
in a helium state now
floattttiiiinnnnnggg :)


normal school day.
seagate !
can't believe seagate's over :(

laguna's quite nice,
but the seagate people are REALLY nice
i felt like a celebrity !
we all felt so important
no more child labour eh :D
photos will be up soon.
& theres lots more to say ?
but va's tired.
but va had ALOT of fun with ..
char huis ve vern lynn glen ser pauwoo juls sui & jane !

& yes, i pictured - when i was dancing
.. to make me smile.

you're falling back to me,
the star that i can't see.
i know you're out there,
somewhere out there.

you're falling out of reach,
defying gravity,
i know you're out there,
somewhere out there.

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