Friday, October 24, 2003

there's a rainbow highway to be found

another new layout
kind of dark and different from previous layouts
well ..
it's time for a change

VJ, HC and NUS came yesterday
was particularly impressed by VJ
seems like VJ's the dream school for many (yours truly included)
does the unattainable always seem so appealing ?

then we sang our grad song 'souriez'
which means 'smile' in french or something
coinciding with our grad theme, which is 'smile because it happened'
anyway it is such a nice song
written and composed by fellow st nicks girls
grad's going to be such an affair

but darn,
i can't quite remember the tune anymore.

wonder if we're catching infernal affairs today

better be off to do some math

what if i told you i tried & tried
but i still can't get your image out of my head.
.. thinking of you could get to be a habit.

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