Wednesday, November 5, 2003

losing steam

it really isn't good to be losing steam on the third day of your o's, is it ?

generally i think the o's have been pretty darn bad
i'm waving bye to my english and lit a's as they say goodbye to me and sprint out the door to cambridge with an annoying smirk svnotruh JUST MOCKING ME LA

english was just .. bah.
thot the prelims compre was more manageable than this one,
and i made up some lame story for my compo which i think can't compare with the resta singapore anyway
oh garh.

math was fulla careless mistakes
guess i'm gonna hafta bank on my p2 tmrw

lit today was bad
i have blisters appearing on my fingers
wrote aLOT but it was all out of point anyway

and ss
luckily sustaining devt came out
cos we were all banking on it
but sourced-base was pretty shite

we're halfway there people, keep on movin.


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