Sunday, November 9, 2003

taking a trip down mandalay bay

this is definitely going to be quite the ranting session

i somewhat miss singing the im lovin it song right before the exams just to get it in to everyone's head and then either claud vern or pau singing shut up just shut up shut up to counter me

well no worries va you can do that in two weeks
because your exams are not fucking over yet
so dont worry you will get your chance to infect people with your macdonalds song

yesterday was probably the international day of laziness
and i chaired it
i invented it
and i definitely fully made use of it
i watched twenty nine vcd's yesterday of some hk tvb serial that i was glued to from eight in the morning to eight at night
i watched all these hk people prance around saving people because they're PNC's (police negotiating .. something. oh great i watch this show for one whole day and i cant even remember what the heck they're acting as)
oh my heck
i wasted the whole of yesterday did i not
oh well too darn bad i'm in my post-exam mood when i know i shouldnt be
good thing is,
at least i know

i do want to catch kill bill vol 1
and 2
but its not point catching vol 2 when i dont watch vol 1 right
but darn it r(a) and DO I HONESTLY LOOK 21 TO YOU ?
maybe i should put on some gold earrings and flowery taitai clothes and steal my mother's chanel bag and see how that works
and catch 15 at the same time
ah, feasible plan

i was doing this quiz just now and there was this gay porn popout
i mean i'm not really a porn person but for some reason this gay porn thing got me staring at the screen for longer than my usual 0.01 milisecond tolerance for porn popouts
i dont like lesbian porn
i dont like straight porn
i dont like animal porn
but gay porn is so oddly interesting .. strange
i need to get out more

can't wait for KL with my girls
definitely going to be a barrel full of fun

sometimes i really hate the way girls type
ie. the way i type
i punctuate every other sentence with a :) and haha
and i hate the way people spell funny
i mean why cant they say 'it looks like this'
instead of 'it luks lk tis'
and i think to myself "okay so they type like that because of .. "
i rack my brains and am ashamed to say i'm unable to think of one reason why
and then it hit me

i typed funny in lower sec
i tYpEd lIkE thIS anD wROTe leTtTerS to sENiOrs tHat mUst'Ve thOt i wAs soMe sorT of fREaK foR doIng tHis
so yes
youth is the answer to my question

im too easily annoyed by the people around me and how i blindly follow(ed) their leads as well
what a sick trend
i'm trying to make myself sound great here
trying to put myself on a pedestal
well haha im failing
i forgive you ignorant youngsters
i forgive you

okay i'm going to daydream about spending the rest of my life where its spring all summer and i get to drink coconuts every damn day

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