Saturday, November 29, 2003

GRAD pics finally up.

one very long post coming right up.
the past two days have felt like one, very, very, very LONG day with occasional naps slotted in betweeen. brace yourself for the gory details

27th november, thursday. GRAD NIGHT
we've planned forever for this day and it finally came; and went. took a shitload of pictures which are up already on the RHS of your screen. here's my little way of saying goodbye to this place i've called home for so damn long.
AMK street 13, avenue 2
i'm going to miss every damn thing about this school that i've called 'spastic' one too many times. i don't think i'm going to list em' out cos i'd probably end this post crying like some royal pain in the ass and we don't want that.
i'm just gonna miss ya st nicks.
i'm going to miss S4G beyond belief. two years of struggling and we've finally ALL made it thru. we did it people, we did it.
i'm going to miss ELDDS even more than i thought i would. LD's been life changing. and now, drama means more to me than i thought anything material could mean to me. thanks LD, thanks.
oh blarhdeeblarh.
im getting MOOSHY.

well we played all kinds of silly games and then went for a JEWEMS bonding sesh before heading to bed and then subsequently back home.

28th november, friday
well the whole grad night thing actually extended till friday afternoon. so my friday seemed REALLY SHORT
oh garh.
came home and slept
headed down to sauce (SOS) and monks and boogied a lil but the music was kinda weird. but i had fun nonetheless, just hanging with fave people and being absolutely eeviil. (and i realise, I WAS SO BLIND) guess i'm heading down next friday too.

surprise ! no lectures from the mother for late returns. HOORAY for after-exam freedom.

dipsy: and i'll always always be here to listen. vala and dipsy :)

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