Wednesday, December 3, 2003

take it drape it

being sick makes me feel grouchy.
and i'm really, really, REALLY grouchy now
oh garble garble garble

listening to my new xmas cd right now and i guess that makes me feel just a tinge better. ella fitzgerald is an absolute genius i swear to the jazz gods

meeting the clique later and well i just hope i don't pass them any germs that are currently having a big party inside me. i think they're having fun trashing it out inside my throat

and what does it mean if you get unbelievably affected when you don't get a reply. when you're not supposed to be affected at all

jess: :\ I DIDNT EVEN GET TO TALK TO YOU that night .. and you left so quick i didn't even know where you went ! see you asap alright

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