Thursday, December 4, 2003

a guy like you should wear a warning

ahCHOO wheeze cough uhHUM aPTOOI harumph eck BLUEH sneeze sneeze EECKIE brelueh !

well well
excuse the buzz of my (i hope i'm recovering) illness. i now have like sixty tiny pills to eat 'three a day, only after meals please' till i recover. and pee ess, it causes drowsiness. uh huh, like i'm not drowsy enough already. but anything to make me feel better i guess.

shamhantha koodoos left yesterday :( this is going to sound mooshy but crap i miss that girl already. 'bring backkkk .. oh bring backkk .. oh bring back my sammie to meee ..'

off i go to fantasize about me, mike shinoda, and the indulgence package at the banyan tree

jess: AWWW you sweething :) oei woman see you soon okay. you better appear in front of me way soon take care youuu madcap dancer ;)

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