Sunday, December 7, 2003

sweetest goodbye

lazy to blog about the happenings for the past two days but they were pretty fun it just seems wrong not to fill in you readers about it. well well since i am an award winning author and i have amazing summarizing skills, oh why not ;)

usual friday with same people marn and wyn. (footnote: MARN thanks for monking with me although you're a straightie and all. thanks a lot okay ? i really appreciate it aLOT) headed down after to vern's place with vern cole hui and jovin. dandy stayover fun :)

laughed a shitload as usual, everything and everyone just was too funny. absolute gems to be with. the best friend, tuapaykong of a jovin, never sleeping queen vern and retarded kid cole; certainly had fun with these precious people. mm-hmm :D would do it again in a sec. or half a sec

bloody brilliant movie it is, actually.
LOVE ACTUALLY. seriously a brilliant flick and i'm definitely watching it again. bought the soundtrack and it's blasting through my speakers now. it really is a true blue romance movie so don't go if you're not a romantic.
or maybe this film'll make you one. and if you dont like it STILL, well, kiss my arse :)
no shortage of eyecandy too,
look out for rodrigo santoros who acts as 'karl' in the show. absolutely delicious.

i see myself wanting to become a brit or at least have a british accent. diddly hoo well anyway i strongly recommend everyone go watch it with someone they love or crushes or what not. and the first movie i've cried because of joy.

to quote from love actually,
'to me you're perfect'

what a melt-worthy quote.

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