Wednesday, December 10, 2003

thoia thoing

well well
back from a long day of furniture shopping
extensive day at ikea. $1800 worth of furniture and its mine, ALL MINE. har har har har. shopping at people's park after that for worthy new bedsheets and pillowcases. who'd have known that sheets could make me beam so much :)
but remember, you're invited to my room-warming ceremony and it's coming soon to a date near you.
just waiting for saturday and for all my furniture to arrive and i will be a very happy girl sitting in my limewash colored room and watching my new 21" tv perched atop nice new tv counter. and then i'll head to my 'tromson' silver high bed with a bee-ee-ay-youtiful sofa underneath. AH THIS IS THE LIFE.

but right now my room is extremely empty with nothing but black cupboards and green paint everywhere. did i forget to add the icky smell of turpentine but never mind that.

i'm planning to just sit at home and wait for my furniture to arrive. very, very, patiently.

mom just bought the osim isymphonic massage chair for a whopping $6000. absolutely delicious.

and why is everyone important abroad ?! (and no i'm not implying that those here are UNimportant but you know you just miss those people that are far away. okay i think i'm making the situation worse. i should just shut up)

j: joycelyn ho i have yet to step all over you for NOT calling me from either the airport OR the states. so don't you come scold me for not proclaiming my misses for you on my blog okay. but i do miss you you porky arse come back soon you hear me ?

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