Friday, December 12, 2003

spank it

my sis is getting back tomorrow
praise the lord i miss that pretty thang

dress fitting tomorrow at the bridal salon
blueh not particularly looking forward to it i think i've put on weight since the last fitting. PLUS my 25 year old sister is so bloody skinny it's just painful to compare

its just painful painful paynefool. now WHY ISN'T SHE FAT ..
oh the muses of a disgruntled younger sis

still being very patient about my furniture
patient i am, patient i am, patient i am
the TV's arriving today. which really isn't ideal because my tv rack has not arrived and i guess the TV will just have to sit pretty on the floor until tomorrow. har har har. minimalist living.

and the smell of the paint is still floating around even after my lighting of about seven candles and putting em' around the room PLUS profuse spraying of impulse and some victoria's secret spray. nope .. the smell's still there. garh -

just oneeee moreeee nightttt on the couch.

sam: hey you .. still missing you aplenty. get your arse back here asap yeah ? but nevertheless dont forget to continue having fun up in shanghai and please remember to miss us all !

travis whacks the heck outta all his drums when he's jamming and it's simply oh-so-charming

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