Sunday, December 14, 2003

my milkshake brings the boys to the yard

furniture's arrived, thank you.
and well yes, i like it, thanks again.
and no the bed's not too high albeit a bit shaky, thanks for asking.
i appreciate it :)

anyway enough of this pathetic self-conversation.

friday was pretty alright. usual saucing and monking with lots of lovely people. although marn and i probably only really clubbed at SOS after a looonnnggg period of stoning. but we had fun nonetheless, though it would've been more fun with more sistas around. but marn is my number one clubbing kaki. hor ? :D

if we go down again next week i'm making sure wyn doesn't touch too much alcohol. you scared me you know woman ? don't do that again please :\ WE'RE HERE FOR YOU.

huis stayed over and we only managed to sleep at 6. woke up at 9 (ARGH OMFG and you know WHY WHY WHY ?!) because my stupid sister called and WOKE THE SHIT OUT OF ME. went for bridal fitting and i was being the total bratty sis. pouting, complaining and trust me. NO SHORTAGE OF WHINING.

and she's so annoyingly pretty and skinny. and i STILL love her. HOW BLOODY ANNOYING.

i mean come on. i'm tired (FUCK THREE HOURS OF SLEEP and i'm like THE sleeping queen), i'm hungry (NO LUNCH ! and i happen to like to eat thank you.) and my best friend is left alone at home without me. IT'S NOT EVEN MY WEDDING. five hours and i just need TWO fittings. you could time me and all i'd take would be 20 minutes. at the very most. and the icing on the cake was that my sis was late to pick me up too. i was such a brat i was practically crying at the end of the day. see what exasperation does to you ? AND I GOT HOME AND GOT FOOD POISONING. ah, perfect ending to the perfect day.

so yes, i was the spoilt brat of the day.
felt a little guilty but let me emphasize.


j: stupid woman trying to fatten me up so i'll never ever get married right. RIGHT .. i know yuor sinister evil plan ;) but EH i'm awaiting your return please come back soon i miss your hugs alot.

sam: haha china is chinkifying you eh ? oooh samoo in too deep .. does that have a deeper meaning or .. do you just like sum 41. huh huh huh ? -grin. come back you so you and j can complete the jewems. we need you guys :D

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